Jenna Fischer and Her Husband Split

Tango’s Take
America’s favorite frump-tastic secretary is finally through with that through for realsies with her warehouse worker ex fiancé Roy. And now she’s ready to hit the town with Jim. It only took three seasons for this love to blossom. Where can it go from here? Is this going ruin the show’s sexual tension like when Sam and Rebecca got together on Cheers or when Joey and Dawson gave into their teen cravings on The Creek? Hopefully the writers will come up with a few zany obstacles to keep Jim and Pam apart.

In other news, it looks like the actress that plays Pam is getting divorced from her husband James Gunn. We wonder if there’s some adorable everyman out there that dwarfs Gunn in terms of future earning power ready to sweep Fischer off of her feet? OMG, is it Shia LaBeouf?

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