Jennifer Lopez Wins A Half A Million From Ex-Husband

Jennifer Lopez Wins A Half A Million From Ex-Husband

From OK Magazine

After much legal wrangling, a Los Angeles judge has granted singer/actress/dancer/entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez two big wishes, not only barring her first husband from publishing a naughty, revealing tell-all memoir of his time with the Bronx-born superstar, but also awarding J.Lo over half a million dollars for her trouble!

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael C. Solner approved a $545,000 arbitration award to the Gigli star in her legal action against first husband Ojani Noa. Adding insult to injury for Noa, who married J.Lo in Feb., 1997, only to split 11 months later, the judge also slapped an injunction on him, forbidding him from publishing negative, denigrating, or otherwise not-so-nice details about his ex-wife. This ruling effectively prohibits Noa from airing his dirty laundry for profit.
Tango’s Take Quick disclaimer, we at Tango are rarely, if ever, in favor of dragging an ex’s name through the muck. It’s typically greed, revenge or greevenge driven and that just don’t sit right with us. Sure it makes MySpace worth checking out and may be cathartic in the same way that keying a tow truck is. But taking the high road, it ain’t. But that’s not the point; the point is this is America. If profiting from being a dirtbag is against the law, than most of the media should be nervous. We wonder if Noa had to sign something that waived his right to blab. If not, we wonder how this is different from any other tell-all. This bears investigation. Too bad that we’re lazy and our interns understand legalese like a fish understands cycling.

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