China to Stop Sexually Explicit TV

couple kissing

So that's what my junk is going to look like post-op, interesting.

From TV New Zealand

China has banned sexually explicit television shows, such as those featuring sex toys and contraceptives, as it tries to clean up its airwaves and imbue socialist values.

The order follows the axing of controversial "Beautiful Makeover", a reality programme in the southern province of Guangdong showing plastic surgery operations, and the banning of shows featuring "public participation" in sex-change operations.

The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television scolded provincial television stations in the western frontier city of Chengdu for broadcasting "lewd and obscene" footage, according to its online Web site.

Tango’s Take We’re pretty sure that most people will agree that sex-change operations may not be a good thing to put on everyday television. But, the good news about television is that people can turn it off. It would be one thing if every channel featured all sex-change surgery all the time. There are probably people out there (over here and over there) that are really into sex-change surgery videos. Maybe they enjoyed The Crying Game or really dig the Wachowski brothers. At any rate, the Chinese government would probably be horrified if they caught a glimpse of late-night cable access TV in New York. Robin Byrd could trigger a third world war.