Arkansas Attorney General Rejects Initiative To Ban Unwed Couples From Adopting

Arkansas Attorney General Rejects Initiative To Ban Unwed Couples From Adopting

From Arkansas News Bureau By John Lyon

LITTLE ROCK - Citing problems with the wording, state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel on Wednesday rejected a proposed ballot initiative to prohibit unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents in Arkansas.

The director of the Arkansas Family Council, which drafted the proposed initiative, said the group will rewrite the measure and submit it again to McDaniel.

The Family Council drafted the proposed ballot item after unsuccessfully lobbying the state Legislature earlier this year to pass legislation barring gays or unmarried couples from adopting or foster parenting.

Obtaining certification of a ballot initiative's wording is the first step in placing the measure on the ballot.

"I was not able to certify the ballot title in its current form," McDaniel said Wednesday. "There were a couple of flaws in its drafting."

Tango’s Take Yay for the Attorney General of Arkansas, right? Not so fast. This ruling is not, per se, a blow struck for gay couples (who are still not allowed to marry in AR) or committed but unmarried heteros (uh, why do breeders need to adopt, just, like have your own or whatever). Basically, he struck down the ballot initiative because of the ambiguous wording and the partisan language included therein. We suppose it’s probably for the best that the AG of a state is not using his position as a bully pulpit, but we had a little hope that the birthplace of Bill Clinton may be a little more liberal in their policies. Oh well. Maybe this is why the state was founded by pirates trying to invade the mid-west, “ARRRRRGH Kansas.” Any giggles out there? Pirate humor's a little played out? OK.