Are Drew Barrymore And Justin Long An Item?

Are Drew Barrymore And Justin Long An Item?

From US Weekly

He’s Just Not that Into You star Justin Long certainly is into his costar Drew Barrymore: He made out with her three times in one week!

After the new loves were spotted cuddling at a party in L.A. August 25 and kissing three days later during dinner with pals at L.A.’s Pace August 28, the actress, 32, and the actor, 29, partied with Barrymore’s bud Cameron Diaz in Las Vegas on September 2.
Tango’s Take We’ll start this one with another waaah? Isn’t Justin “Mac Daddy” Long dating his co-star from the fourth Die Hard film, Maggie Q? Weren’t they adorable together in the movie promotional tour? We actually thought that she was possibly out of his league a touch. But now that he’s landed Drew Barrymore, well, there’s no going back to B-list ladies. Once you start ‘partying’ with Cameron Diaz in Las Vegas it’s a little tough to go back to playing Warcraft Online with the guy who played PC in the Macintosh commercials. We also thought that Drew Barrymore was dating Zach Braff and Spike Jonze. Oh well. It’s hard to believe that JLong is 29. He looks much younger. It’s also hard to believe that Drew Barrymore is 32. Not that she looks older—it’s just that she’s been around so long.

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