Proposed Colombian Law Would Fine Cheaters

Proposed Colombian Law Would Fine Cheaters

From Reuters BOGOTA (Reuters) - Married Colombians engaged in passionate extra-curricular activities may soon have to think twice about their philandering ways if a senator's proposed legislation punishing adultery gets the green light.

Sen. Edgar Espindola said he has proposed a law that would impose fines and enforced community service as punishment for adulterers in an effort to protect family values and shield children from broken homes.

"I believe a lot of my companions are going to support this initiative," Espindola said on Tuesday. "This project should motivate Colombians to reflect on the importance of the marriage, the home and the importance of family."

He said aggrieved parties could take complaints and evidence such as photographs to local family judges, who would decide to impose fines of up to 20 minimum monthly salaries -- around $4,000 -- and obligatory welfare service.

Tango’s Take One thing we’ve heard about Edgar Espindola is that he’s firm. Firm but fair. While we at Tango are opposed to cheating unless there is a really good reason for it, we’re a little leery about legislating morality. Sure, kids stand a better chance to “make it” in households with two loving, involved parents. But forcing it probably won’t help. We’re surprised that Senator Espindola is suggesting this course. We were under the impression that the affair was one of the favorite pastimes of rich Colombian men. Maybe this initiative will help them solve their drug problem or corruption at every level of government. Maybe more Colombian women will take a note from Shakira’s playbook and have their future husbands sign punitive prenups.

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