Us Weekly Says That Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Are Splitsville

From US Weekly

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split, Us Weekly can confirm.

A source close to the couple tells Us that Heath and Michelle "quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago."

"The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but finally decided to separate. They just grew apart."

The couple, who live in Brooklyn, NY and have a daughter, Mathilda, 23 months, met on the set of Brokeback Mountain in 2004.

Tango’s Take
Sure this is yesterday’s news, but guess what? We were on vacation. Honestly, how many media outlets were even working yesterday? It was the last day of summer, brah! Did they think that they were going to get this breakup in under the radar? Just because we were punishing Coronas while sitting in a kiddy pool doesn’t mean that we’re going to miss the new Joker breaking up with Jen from Dawson’s Creek. Frankly, we’re a little surprised that they stuck it out this long. There have been rumblings that these two were on thin ice since Valentine’s Day. Maybe it was a little unrealistic to expect that a relationship founded during the filming of a movie about a guy whose marriage falls apart because he’s having a decades long homosexual affair under her nose. They are professional actors and nice-seeming people, but that hipster scene in Brooklyn would tear any relationship apart.

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