According To Research The Female Kiss That’s More a Relationship Assessment

From The Yorkshire Post

Women use kissing as a means to assess a relationship and its future while men appear to kiss in a bid to increase the likelihood of having sex, a study has found.

Women placed more importance on kissing and were more likely to evaluate their partner's kissing ability on factors such as the smell of their breath and the appearance of their teeth.

The study of more than 1,000 students at the New York State University also found fewer women than men were willing to have sex without kissing their partners first.

Women also felt that a bad kisser was less attractive.

The study, published in Evolutionary Psychology, found men were less discriminating when it came to deciding who to kiss or who to have sex with.

Tango’s Take

Kissing is nice. Everyone knows that. It just so happens that kissing (nominally first base) makes guys thing about scoring (a home run, if you will). We could go on with the baseball analogies (striking out, base on balls, sacrificing, et cetera) but forget it. It doesn’t make any sense. And why do they say that tying a game is like kissing your sister. It seems more like kissing someone that you’re not attracted to. So instead of continuing the metaphor, we’ll leave you with an old joke. Fire chief walks into a burned out house. One of the rooms miraculously survived. He opens the door and two firemen are going at it, intercoursewise. The chief says, ‘what the hell are you guys doing?’ Fireman 1 says, ‘he was choking.’ Chief replies, ‘why didn’t you just give him mouth-to-mouth?’ Fireman 1 says back, ‘how the hell do you think this thing got started?’ So this concept of men using kissing as a prelude to humping has been proven by way of joke. Good times.

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