Ex-Astronaut Can Take Off Ankle Bracelet

Ex-Astronaut Can Take Off Ankle Bracelet

From CNN

(CNN)  -- A former NASA astronaut accused of assaulting a romantic rival at a Florida airport can take off her electronic tracking bracelet while she awaits trial, a judge ruled Thursday.

Attorneys for former astronaut Lisa Nowak said her ankle bracelet was uncomfortable and inconvenient.

The bracelet was uncomfortable, inconvenient and cost Lisa Nowak $105 a week, her attorneys argued.

Those reasons alone weren't enough to order the monitor removed, Orange County Circuit Court Judge Marc Lubet said in his ruling. He said the monitoring device was not fulfilling its purpose.

Although the alleged victim, Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman, testified earlier this month that she remains afraid of Nowak and wants the monitor to remain, Shipman "chose to travel to the defendant's hometown of Houston, Texas, on three or four occasions ... to visit her boyfriend" since the incident, Lubet wrote.

Tango’s Take Wait. Lisa Nowak is off the bracelet and has an extra $420 a month to spend? Do you have any idea how many diapers, restraints, disguises and cans of pepper spray you can buy for $420? A lot. A lot of diapers, restraints, disguises and mace. By virtue of Shipman traveling to Nowak’s hometown, she’s probably not that scared. Isn’t that a little like someone with a restraining order in place against someone else shopping at their favorite stores in hope that they show up? We didn’t realize that Nowak still faces criminal charges. We thought everyone was basically going to sweep this one under the rug and chalk it up as a bad experience. Not so, she has a trial coming up. And according to CNN has the possibility of getting life in prison. That seems a little excessive although kidnapping is a still pretty much frowned upon. Who among us hasn't stood outside a former lover's window and played In Your Eyes over and over again? Or tattooed our names using ink from a ballpoint pen? She’ll probably get a plea bargain and have to make really embarrassing PSAs where she talks about wearing diapers and the importance of separating fiction from reality.

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