Evidently Japanese Love Hotels Not Just For Love

Evidently Japanese Love Hotels Not Just For Love

Hot town, summer in the city. Back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty.

From Reuters By Emi Foulk

TOKYO (Reuters) - Long associated with seedy red light districts, sleaze and sex, Japan's love hotels are growing up to be socially acceptable and even classy, says the author of a new book on the subject.

In fact, many aren't even being used for "love" anymore.

"Increasingly, people are frequenting love hotels who have no intention of having sex with each other," said Sarah Chaplin, author and professor of architecture at the U.K.'s Kingston University.

Although love hotels continue to do brisk business in Japan, raking in nearly 4 trillion yen (17.1 billion pounds) in annual sales, according to Chaplin, the 1.3 million people who visit the 30,000 hotels each day often go there just to relax.
Tango’s Take We were guessing that love hotels were mostly not for love. Given the title, we figured that it was a pleasant euphemism for something between a bordello and an affair pad that rents rooms by the hour. The story goes into details about the waning Japanese libido. This is not acceptable. We’ve always had the stereotype of the amorous Japanese businessmen trying to sex anything that moved (thank you, Bachelor Party). We thought that treating clients to hookers was de rigueur. But we also have noticed that neither Charlie Sheen or Tom Sizemore have spent much time in Japan (to our knowledge). Hmm. Well, best of luck with that aging population if no likes doing it any more.

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