Now There's Erotica for the Evangelical Set

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From The Globe and Mail

By Siri Agrell

Richard Davies was reading The New York Times books section when he spotted a full-page advertisement for sex guides.

A spokesman for Victoria-based online book retailer Abe Books, Mr. Davies wondered what kind of guides his customers were ordering, and ran a search of the company's database.

"I knew there was demand for collectible erotica, things like The Pop-Up Kama Sutra," he said. "But we put together our bestselling list and, lo and behold, a Christian guide was No. 1."

Of the top 10 sex guides ordered by Abe Books users, five have religious or spiritual themes, ranging from Christian how-tos to "Taoist methods for male sexual revitalization."

YourTango’s Take

This is something. It turns out people like doing it. Religious feelings do not render someone incapable of appreciating a good kinky boning time and again. Hmm. What would John Lithgow’s character in Footloose think? We were always under the impression that missionary and procreation were the only acceptable position and purpose for Christian sex. We advise to keep at it, Christians, the best way to defeat the heathens is to outbreed them. Maybe someone should purchase one of these books for Idaho Senator Larry Craig. This may prevent any travelers from being (allegedly) hassled in the Minneapolis airport.

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