Shia LeBeouf Is Probably Not Dating Rihanna


Rihanna- the queen of R&B- is dating the new king of the cinema Shia LeBeouf, according to sources in America.

The Umbrella hitmaker has been spotted with the star of Transformers The Movie several times including a recent romantic meal.

According to Perez Hilton: “It’s all the talk of the Indiana Jones 4 set,” where Shia is currently filming.

Tango’s Take

Everybody hold your horses. Yeah, your horses, hold them. This rumour (that’s how skeptical we are about this that we’re using British spelling) started because Shia (shia shia shia shia shia) and Rihanna went to dinner together. Word on the street is that they “barely know each other” and are just friends-ish. We know that’s what stars (and everyone else, for that matter) always say, but this rumour is just too good to be believed. He’s like your average, cool dude and she’s a sultry hip-hop goddess. What would they talk about? The equivalent would be Tom Hanks getting together with pre-crazy Whitney Houston. It’s possible, just tough to believe.

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