Science Proves That Women Do More Work At Home Than Men

Science Proves That Women Do More Work At Home Than Men

From USA Today By Sharon Jayson

Women who complain their spouses don't do enough around the house now have some real proof.

Married men worldwide report doing less housework than unmarried cohabiting men, according to an international study of 17,636 men and women in 28 countries. Findings are published in the September issue of the Journal of Family Issues.

In the study by researchers at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and North Carolina State University in Raleigh, cohabiting men report doing more housework than married men, and cohabiting women report doing less housework than married women, although cohabiting men still do less than cohabiting women.

Shannon Davis, an assistant professor of sociology at George Mason and the study's lead author, says the institution of marriage seems to have an effect on couples that traditionalizes their behavior, even if they view men and women as equals.

Tango’s Take First of all, check out a past classic from our magazine by Leslie Bennetts on domestic inequality. Good stuff.
Secondly, this is a survey. The Journal of Family Issues knows how to survey. They had 17,636 people in 28 countries. Sure, it’s less than 1,000 per country, but still impressive. They should have an adequate cross-section.
And thirdly (and finally), duh. Is anyone anywhere actually surprised? The real test would (and will) be to compare the results to previous and future tests. Our guess is that the chore-equality issue has come a long way since whenever. We’re a little surprised about cohabitating versus married men. We wouldn’t expect much of a change between them, in terms of effort. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed by the pop-culture depiction of the henpecked husband. Maybe this is another reason not to get married. Maybe they should break out the statistics by country.

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