Treating Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Lead to Thinner Kids

Treating Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Lead to Thinner Kids

From US News & World Report By Randy Dotinga

(HealthDay News) -- When women develop diabetes during pregnancy and don't get treatment, their kids face an increased risk of childhood obesity, but new research suggests that treatment can essentially eliminate that risk.

It's "remarkable" that the doubling of the risk of obesity can be completely reversed in these children, said study author Teresa Hillier, an endocrinologist and senior investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research Northwest and Hawaii.

The findings could prompt expectant moms to take more care to comply with diabetes treatment during pregnancy, Hillier said. "If I were a mother, I'd be more motivated to know that it will not only help my baby during the pregnancy, but might decrease their chances of being overweight later on."
Tango’s Take The bad news is that someone has to develop diabetes. Not fun, not pleasant. The good news is that treatment can save their children from turning into rolly-pollies. It seems like we typically only get bad news in association with pregnancy. Like lead is bad for you, stay away from the microwave, pesticides can lead to this, hormones in meat can lead to that, and more doom and gloom. Sure, this article brings the doom and gloom, but offers a solution and a silver lining. You had us at ‘hello’ HealthDay News, you had us at ‘hello.’

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