Brides Are Buying Two Dresses, One For the Ceremony, One for the Reception

From The Toledo Blade
By Tahree Lane

Emily Youssef set out to buy one wedding dress.

But she was bewitched by two, and after a little needling, her mother caved and purchased both.

The striking 27-year-old newlywed wore the strapless Giorgio Armani ($2,700) with three ribboned tiers for the October ceremony, barefoot on the beach in Florida. (The bridesmaids wore white flip-flops; the groomsmen had their pale-blue shirts out.)

For the reception, she donned a Jim Hjelm design ($1,700) that featured her carefully tanned real estate; with plunging back and necklines, and long, skinny, crystal-encrusted straps, it was a modified A-line in white silk.

Tango’s Take

At first we thought, ‘Toledo? That’s cool, Spaniards know about fashion.’ Then we realized it was Toledo, Ohio and were like, ‘whaaa?’ But then finally we were like, ‘Dish, you need to stop being such a snob, maybe the Buckeye state knows a thing or two about fashion.’ So, the new, new thing (possibly even newer than brides trashing their dresses) is for brides to have one dress for the ceremony (something elegant and restricting with doilies as far as the eye can see) and another dress for the reception (something classy and tailored but breathy and easy for an inebriated groom to remove). We’ve heard that a large percentage of newly married don’t even consummate the relationship on the wedding night. Exhaustion is traditionally blamed but we think that overly ornate wedding gowns could be to blame. We hope that the next wedding dress fad has to do with transformable dresses. It would be cool if you could remove the train and turn the dress inside out and have a cocktail dress for the reception. Or maybe hyper colors could comeback.

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