At Home Chlamydia Test Kit Launched In The UK

From The BBC

A DIY test for the most common sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia, is being made available through the post by NHS Grampian. The test kits can now be picked up at more than 20 youth centres, colleges and pharmacies. The samples are then sent back for the results. Sexual health clinical lead for Grampian, Dr Gillian Flett, said: "Concern is growing about young people contracting infections." Failure to treat chlamydia can result in long-term health problems for the person who has it and for the people that they have sex with.

Tango’s Take These are words that you wouldn’t mind hearing from George Clinton but don’t want to hear from your doctor: ‘you got the funk.’ We’re not sure why an at home STD test seems like such a good idea but it does. We’re sure that waiting for the results is a little like waiting for your SAT scores after taking the test for the third time, but you would have to wait for it at a conventional doctor anyway. This way you can pee in a cup or swab, whaterr, at home and get the anonymous results back. No one has to hear the news from the doctor and then pretend to be surprised if they don’t want. The next thing that we need is a product that you can give to a first-time romantic liaison and get the results instantly. The guy who invented that could make a million dollars. Unfortunately, their next invention probably wouldn’t be as good and they’d spend the rest of their inventing career trying to get back to the genius of the Clap-Checker.

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