Missouri Eliminates Three-Day Waiting Period for Marriage License

Missouri Eliminates Three-Day Waiting Period for Marriage License

From Springfield News-Leader

Missouri’s three-day waiting period for obtaining marriage licenses will be eliminated tomorrow, Greene County announced.

State law currently requires couples planning to marry in Missouri to appear before the county recorder of deeds and apply for a license. The couple must then wait three business days and return to the recorder’s office to pick up the license.

Senate Bill 22 eliminates the need for two trips to the recorder of deeds office. Upon application, brides and grooms may obtain a license the same day if they plan to marry within 30 days.

Tango’s Take We’re not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. A cool off period is always a good idea. But is one day versus three days really going to do much? We’ve heard it said before that it should be at least as difficult to get married as it is divorced. We wonder if that means divorce should be easier or marriage should be harder. It makes some sense for people to get a marriage license right away. What if you have a long vacation coming up? What if you’r parents are just out of town for the weekend and you need to get married in their basement before they get back from taking your little sister to college? What if you just found out that you are 8 months and 28 days pregnant and want your kid borne in wedlock? Maybe people should only have to have a waiting period if they’ve been using pot or just came back from a Journey concert.

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