Sexy Dreams Are No Rarity


Stop moaning, grossy.
From Health Scout
By Randy Dotinga

THURSDAY, June 14 (HealthDay News) -- If your dreams are hot enough to burn the sheets, you've got company.

A new Canadian survey, apparently the first of its kind in four decades, reports that 8 percent of dreams swirl around sexual situations.

Men are much more likely to have fantasies about sex with imaginary people, while women prefer current or past sexual partners and celebrities.

Women, meanwhile, report about as many sex dreams as men, a sharp contrast with previous research from the 1960s. "Men used to report many more sex dreams, twice as many as women, and we don't find that difference anymore," said study author Antonio Zadra, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Montreal. "Either women are having them more, or they're more likely to report them. Either way, it's interesting."

YourTango’s Take
Finally. No longer do people who suffer from Noc-E’s have to hide their linens in shame. “It’s natural. Like 8% of people do it. I’m not an animal.”
We’re surprised that a greater percent of dreams are not of the sexual nature. It’s interesting that women are increasingly reporting sex dreams. We wonder if the stigma of being some kind of sex pervert skewed the data forty years ago. Maybe it’s all of the sex in the media. Maybe it’s the hormones in our food. Who know? Whatever the case is, it’s good to know that men and women have these dreams about at the same rate. Which goes back to our theory that women like sex too. The data may not be that reliable. There were only 173 subjects. We wonder how these people remember all of their dreams. We only remember that one that we keep having, the one in which we wrestle Xena: Warrior Princess and she keeps letting us win but won’t let us get away. Weird.

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