Bradley Cooper Goes On A Date With Jennifer Aniston


Talk about a random hookup! According to reports Jennifer Aniston is dating another actor named Brad--who is soon to be divorced from another actress named Jennifer.

Aniston and Bradley Cooper enjoyed a candlelit dinner after being set up by mutual friend Drew Barrymore.

A source close to Aniston said: "Jen was amazed and laughing at the fact that they might have been in a Twilight Zone scene about parallel worlds colliding."

Tango’s Take

Brad and Jen are over (twice). Long live Jen and Brad. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito ended their marriage in May. The Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt breakup is the stuff of legend.
Jennifer Aniston is still on the prowl. She stopped dating that British model (Paul Sculfor) but still needs get her groove back. Bradley Cooper is a good choice. He was great in Alias. And unforgettable in Wedding Crashers. This whole stars being set-up with stars by stars trend is a little strange. It’s probably the same as bakers setting up their baker friends with other bakers (so they have something to talk about, presumably) but there is something incestuous about all this. And actors married to actors have a lousy success rate. We wonder if it’s because of the demands of the occupation or more to do with the various insecurities and jealousies. Check out the Dish from August 20th for Ethan Hawke’s take.

Speaking of Wedding Crashers. He taught us to use more than 10% of our hearts. The details are fuzzy but we wish Owen Wilson the speediest of recoveries.

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