Dad Who Stays Home Seeks Others Who Do

Dad Who Stays Home Seeks Others Who Do

From Anchorage Daily News By Becky Stoppa

WASILLA -- Adam Imperato loves his job. Once a pharmaceutical tester in Grand Rapids, Mich., the 29-year-old Wasilla man is a stay-at-home dad.

He tends to his house and children while his wife, Crystal, a doctor at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, tends to patients.

Adam cleans and catches up on household chores while the children, Braden, 3 1/2, and Cade, 22 months, nap or watch TV.

When the work is done, the three spend their time playing with toys or going to parks and playgrounds.

Tango’s Take Imperato says that he is working 24/7 with no vacations. He continued by adding, ‘honestly, if I knew it was this much work, I would have kept my old job of capturing and clubbing baby seals.’ He didn’t really say that. But we're sure he wishes that he had some dude companionship. It could be like a male version of Little Children. This goes back to the old theory that men (and career women) have about the workload of stay-at-home moms. Evidently, just because you can wear pajamas most of the day and spend the rest in flip-flops, some people think you’re not working. We’ve heard from a bunch of our dude-friends how awesome it would be to be a stay-at-home dad. You can shoot hoops, cook food that you like, enjoy an hour or two of soaps, maybe knock out a game or two of Madden and then just wait for the little woman to get home for some sexin’. That’s just fantasyland. Has not one seen the Michael Keaton film Mr. Mom? And not just because Martin Mull and Terry Garr were in it. It had a lot to say about society and male strip clubs.

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