Marital Violence More Common Among Asian American Couples

Marital Violence More Common Among Asian American Couples

From The California Aggie Online By Thuy Tran

UC Davis researchers found through a new analysis that marital violence is more common among Asian American couples who report marital distress.

Professor of psychology and Asian American studies Nolan Zane and graduate student Manveen Dhindsa analyzed data from a study that surveyed 2,554 Latinos and 2,095 Asian Americans. The Latino and Asian American study, conducted between May 2002 and November 2003, is the largest national survey on mental disorders and use of psychiatric services in these ethnic groups.

"The presence of anxiety disorder, acculturative stress and the lack of family cohesion all emerged as significant predictors of marital violence among a nationally representative sample of Asian American males (i.e., Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino American)," Dhindsa said in an e-mail.

The defining line between marital violence and abuse "is that those interviewed were in marriage-like relationships (i.e., married, widowed, separated, divorced) whereas abuse can be general to domestic partnership," Dhindsa said.

Tango’s Take This is mildly surprising. But it really had to be one culture or the other, right? We mean there are many ‘male-dominated’ societies that it could have been. Middle-Eastern, South Asian (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), African, South American, Russian and Italian could have all been guesses (based on stereotype). It seems like there’s male-dominated and pretty close to even and that’s it. Sure, there have been and are ‘matriarchal’ societies and queens and empresses and all that. But have there been really ‘female-dominated’ societies (outside of the legendary Amazons and black widow spiders)? Is this just a trick of development? 10,000 years ago when the Earth was formed and physical strength was a little more important, it sort of makes sense that men would naturally dominate. Have we just been (for the most part) stuck in that mode? I probably shouldn’t think about it too much. I should probably just sit back and tell someone to make me a sandwich.

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