Men Rush To Condom Test In Bangkok

Men Rush To Condom Test In Bangkok

From News24.com

Bangkok - Some 1,000 amorous Thais have applied for 500 positions to volunteer to test condoms for customer satisfaction, a firm said on Wednesday, as part of a campaign promoting safe sex.

"We are surprised to see huge interest in our campaign with almost 1 000 applicants wanting to take part," said an official at a Thai marketing firm for condom-maker Durex.

The campaign was part of Durex's efforts to promote safe sex as well as giving Thais "an outstanding opportunity to enjoy their favorite pastime", Durex said in a statement.

Condom volunteers must be Thais aged over 20 years old, it said, adding that "no educational qualifications are necessary".

Tango’s Take Test driving condoms sounds like a really, really bad idea. We like to compare it to testing a shark cage off the Great Barrier Reef. Testing condoms in Thailand is the equivalent of testing a shark-repellant spray, naked, smeared in seal blood off the coast of South Africa. Someone is going to be really unhappy with this outcome. These people are being taken advantage of. When it says ‘no educational qualifications are necessary’ they really mean ‘no educational qualifications are accepted.’ And it’s not just the guys who are going to suffer. Crotch rot can be transferred in both directions.

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