Fair-y Tale Wedding For Carnival Workers

Fair-y Tale Wedding For Carnival Workers

From The Boston Herald By Renee Nadeau

Every bride worries about her wedding day turning into a circus, but that was the plan from the beginning for two carnies who wed at the Marshfield Fair yesterday.

Meghan Jupe, 23, and Dave Bowling, 31, who both work at the fair, had dated six years ago but reunited when they met again about three months ago. Jupe had worked the festival circuit before and joined again after reuniting with Bowling. She now works at the fried dough stand, and Bowling, a 17-year veteran carnie, works the balloon-popping game.

“I was so nervous,” said Jupe, whose family is from Massachusetts. “I didn’t even want to say anything because I knew I would screw it up.”

Tango’s Take Ah carnies, small hands, smell like cabbage. They’re professional travelers, these carnies, so we wonder if they are going to just stay home for their honeymoon. Buh dum pah! No, nothing? Not even a snicker? Anyway, this is sort of bittersweet news for the townie culture. Good news: There’s probably one less carnival worker out there that’s going to knock up a townie’s daughter and take off. Bad News: Now those same daughters have hope that these wily weight-guessers might make an honest woman out of them. We like this trend of people that meet at work getting married there too. We wonder if American Gladiators ever ran into this situation and the couple got hitched after running through the Eliminator.

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