Birth Control After Pregnancy


Give mommy and daddy some time alone.You don't want a little sister, do you?

From American Chronicle
By Saurabh Jain

For you and your child’s wellbeing, you have to take an informed decision regarding birth control after pregnancy. There are many types of birth control methods available in the market today; however, only some of these methods will suit your body. It thus becomes imperative that you weigh the pros and cons of various birth control methods before you choose one.

After the pregnancy period is over your hormones will undergo dramatic changes. Some women will not show any interest in sex, while others will witness an increase in their sex drive. Physically most women are fit to have sex two weeks after giving birth, as the vagina typically takes two weeks to heal and the cervix also closes by this time.

If you are interested in sex after pregnancy, you should understand that there is a huge chance that you could get pregnant again even two weeks after giving birth. Therefore, you have to choose your contraception carefully. Ask your doctor if it is absolutely okay for you to have sex.

YourTango's Take
We just learned about the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) of birth control. (Essentially, it is not possible to impregnate a woman who is constantly lactating, some bit about hormones that we didn’t bother to fact check). We’re not really sure what to do with this information. We feel like we know dozens of people that could really make a fetish out of this. Diapers, suckling, unprotected sex, brilliant. Other than the LAM, this is article is worth a read for those of you who think pull and pray is the only way to avoid Irish twins.

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