Celebrity Notes: Hayden Panettiere, Anne Heche, Laura Linney, Paris And Cameron Diaz

Here goes:

Hayden Panettiere (from Heroes) is now ‘legal.’ Which means fanboys can blog about having torture-sex with an invincible teenager to their heart’s content without worrying about Johnny Law kicking in their doors.

Anne Heche has moved in with her Men In Trees costar, James Tupper. Not to question his motives or decision-making ability, but wasn’t this the woman who was just in a bitter divorce argument over who gets custody of their imaginary friends? This is has as much chance for success as the program they’re in.

Laura Linney just got engaged to long-time boyfriend Marc Schauer. Sure, we have no idea who she is but she was great in Love Actually. She seems like the kind of gal who never has a mean thing to say about anyone. Like our Aunt Patsy.

It’s looking more likely that the Paris Hilton/ Adrian Grenier rumors are true. Wow. We wonder if he’s slipped into character and is trying to out-do E by dating someone whose family is even richer. Good for her. That guy seems to have a little more je ne c’est qua than the rest of the Hollywank crowd.

We hate doing this, but Cameron Diaz looks to be dating John Mayer. Is this a rebound thing for him? Does he just love goofy blondes? Will she just get on anyone until JT wants her back? OK, really no more Cameron Diaz news until something substantial happens.