Survey Reveals That Healthcare Providers Not Asking About Sexual Health

From MedicalNewsToday

Findings from an international survey conducted by The Women's Sexual Health Foundation found that less than 9% of women ages 21 to over 80 are always asked by their healthcare provider if they are having sexual health difficulties.

These findings have profound implications for women's health, as a significant portion of the female population will have some sort of sexually-related health difficulty or dysfunction in their lifetime. The survey underscores the critical need for women and health care professionals alike to communicate about this issue.

Key Points: Female Sexual Dusfunction (FSD)

-- Up to 90% of female cancer patients will have sexual health difficulties
-- Up to 43% of women in general will experience sexual problems
-- FSD is highly prevalent among women with stress urinary incontinence
-- 55% of post-menopausal sexually active women will have FSD
-- FSD is about twice as prevalent in women with high blood pressure as among women without high blood pressure

This 18-point survey gathered data from 391 respondents to determine women's perceptions in relationship to discussing sexual health difficulties with their healthcare provider, and their beliefs concerning a provider's education and expertise in treating and assessing sexual health difficulties.

Tango’s Take
Good to know, but not good to hear. People are really interested in sex and sexual function (and basically have always been). However, the subject is a bit ‘taboo.’ And most people are reduced to giggling even when they say ‘tit mouse’ or ‘pussy willow.’ The good news is that doctors, viewed by most people as the wisest and grown-upest of all the citizenry, have to do a better job of broaching the subject. The complexity of female sexuality could be the problem. Men basically have two sexual problems: erectile disfunction (ED) and not getting any (sex not erectile disfunction, no one wants that). Those problems can be solved with a Viagra and a squirt of Axe body spray. Women have at least a dozen things that can go wrong and Kevin Federline can probably only solve a handful of them.

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