According To Book Candidates Family Lives Don't Matter To Voters

According To Book Candidates Family Lives Don't Matter To Voters

From The Christian Science Monitor By Ariel Sabar

Washington - As fathers and husbands, Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani could hardly cut more different public profiles.

Mr. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is still married to his wife of 38 years. His telegenic sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren are fixtures on the presidential campaign trail and, in public at least, a Leave-it-to-Beaver tableau of family bliss.

Mr. Giuliani, meanwhile, weathered an ugly public divorce from his second wife while involved with a double-divorcée who would become his third wife. Not only is the former New York mayor estranged from his children, but his daughter's page on the social networking website Facebook, recently discovered by reporters, exposed her as a supporter of Democratic rival Barack Obama.
Tango’s Take We disagree. The author (Doug Wead) of the book “All The President’s Children” argues that when we were more conservative 200 years ago, pols got away with all manner of indiscretions. Be that as it may, we live in an era that media and pseudo-media coverage is ubiquitous. Every move is scrutinized and everybody has a story; we’re almost to the point where the country is a small village in that regard. Maybe a divorce wouldn’t change the way someone voted, because they are part of the social norm, but other family issues could certainly change the way someone votes. If it came to light that a candidate believed in spanking his kids or had an abortion or rogered his secretary every afternoon for 8 years, isn’t it likely that American voters would be somewhat turned off? What happens behind closed doors shouldn’t really matter to voters, but it does. Maybe people see it as a ‘character issue,’ whatever that means. Check out Tango's thought on the Political Couples.

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