Women Refreshing Body With "Recycled Sex"

From MSN

Posh women are increasingly returning to the arms of their old beaus, even if they're as fat, bald and stinky as their husbands, in a phenomenon Shukan Gendai (8/18-25) labels "recycling sex."

"Mie," as we'll call the 38-year-old housewife, comes from a more expensive part of Tokyo and is a case in point.

"I live in a brand-new expensive condo with my doctor husband and our daughter. My husband makes 30 million yen a year. My favorite labels are Chanel and Hermes. I've recently joined a member's only gym, which I visit two or three times a week. I belonged to a tennis club that recently had a reunion, where I met up with my old boyfriend," Mie tells Shukan Gendai.

A week after the fateful meeting, Mie and her ex met again, this time at a swank hotel in Yokohama where they had wild sex.

Tango’s Take
We know one thing and it’s that no one likes being cuckolded, except for people who are into it. As far as we know, extra-marital shenanigans are not terribly uncommon among Japanese men, particularly the business elite. But women have always seemed like second-class citizens, ranking just above foreigners and the mentally unstable (check out the Dish from August 6th on the glass ceiling for Japanese businesswomen). This seems a little like the cabana boy-phenomenon that the wives of rich American men seem to enjoy.

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