Ethan Hawke Talks About His Divorce From Uma

Ethan Hawke Talks About His Divorce From Uma

Ethan Hawke blames the demise on his marriage to his failure and Uma's success.

From The San Francisco Gate

Ethan Hawke's marriage to Uma Thurman floundered when her career took off and his began to fail, the actor has confessed.

The pair ended their six-year marriage in 2004, when Thurman's career was on the rise and Hawke's was beginning to wane.

Speaking on AMC's "Shootout" -- due to air this weekend -- the actor says, "It's unfair when one person's career is taking off and the other is really suffering.

"What happens -- it's not that they're jealous of each other; it's that the person you share your life with isn't in the mood to support. You want to have a pity party for yourself, but they're off to the Golden Globes and you don't want to go because everyone is going to think you are jealous.

"There's a certain geometry to life -- that life has a certain math equation to it and if you're never together, you can't build a home.

Tango’s Take
This is the most disjointed thing that we’ve read from Ethan Hawke since his novel The Hottest State. Kidding – The Hottest State made way more sense. Basically Hawke is saying that his marriage didn’t work because his wife, Uma Thurman, had more career success than he did, but it wasn’t jealousy. Whaaaa? He does qualify his statements by saying that being apart frequently is tough on relationships. We’re honestly at a loss for how to process this. This guy portrays himself as being pretty smart (he even mentions geometry and math) and then produces this incoherent monument to intellectual solipsism. Awesome. We wonder if he has plans for another collaboration with Julie Delpy; maybe they could call it Before/After Sunrise/Sunset.

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