Kansas City Man Uses Eye Chart To Propose

Kansas City Man Uses Eye Chart To Propose

From The Kansas City Star By Edward M. Eveld

As marriage proposals go, what this one lacked in romantic ambience it more than made up for in surprise.

Sitting in the exam chair at Hunter Family Vision, with the eye-testing contraption over her eyes, Rebecca Savoy started to read the letters.

The big E, of course. Then:



Hmm, she thought. Odd there would be two L’s in a row.



“I thought, ‘That’s such a cute word to put up there,’ ” Savoy said. “I wasn’t putting two and two together. But when ‘ME?’ popped up, I just burst into tears.”

Finally, “LOVE, JOSEPH.”

Tango’s Take Well done, Joseph. The unexpected, public proposal is always tricky. It’s a little like jumping a column of school buses on a dirt bike. Sure, proper planning can remove most of the risk, but there’s always that chance that a tire could go flat or something causes them to decline . Either way someone’s taking the express train to painville. We’ve always thought that the public engagement is somewhere between tacky and sweetly romantic. Check out our Dish from August 3rd on an electronic roadside proposal.

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