Dina & Michael Lohan Reach Divorce Settlement

Dina & Michael Lohan Reach Divorce Settlement

From AccessHollywood.com

NEW YORK, New York (August 17, 2007) – After a long and nasty divorce battle, Dina and Michael Lohan have finally come to a settlement, Access Hollywood has learned.

While terms of the settlement are not being made public, Michael Lohan's attorney John Dimascio Jr. confirmed to Access the couple will be legally divorced in the next 60-90 days.

Tango’s Take Finally. Now they can get on with being the worst parents of all time. Is it a testament to their poor parenting that this is even a news item? We really have nowhere to go with this except to say some man and woman are probably going to marry these two at some point. Bad deal. Not fun. Not classy.
In Other Celebrity Divorce News: The Shark, Greg Norman, has cut off financial support to his soon-to-be ex-wife. It’s being reported that Norman has stopped his wife’s credit cards and access to funds and is ‘starving her out’ in hopes of a speedier divorce finale. Good guy, The Shark.
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