Junk-Food Pregnancy Diets ‘Produce Obese Offspring’

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Women who eat junk food while pregnant and breastfeeding could produce children who are more likely to be overweight or obese, a new study warns.

Research carried out at the Royal Veterinary College, London, suggests that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not indulge in fatty, sugary and salty foods while they are 'eating for two'.

The impact of unhealthy diets in new mothers and mothers-to-be is thought to harm offspring's normal control of appetite and produce an exacerbated taste for junk food.

Compared to rats given normal feed, rats that were fed a diet of processed junk food including doughnuts, muffins and sweets during pregnancy and lactation were found to produce offspring which overate and had a preference for junk foods rich in fat, sugar and salt.

Writing in the British Journal of Nutrition, the research team argue their findings have implications for humans.

Tango’s Take

When are pregnant women going to get good news? When are we going to get a report that smoking and drinking and dancing until 4 AM causes a 40 point bump in IQ? Honestly, what woman can keep up with all the dos and do nots of modern pregnancy? Do you think Nicole Richie is going to? Can we use her pregnancy as a benchmark? We have no doubt that she and daddy, Joel Madden, are locked in on this. But, we feel any short-cut that she’s comfortable with should be OK for the general populace. This is the worst policy of all time. This is more or less the Vietnamization of gestation. We’re not proud of any of this. Word on the street is that Joel and Nicole are going to get engaged any day now.
Speaking of engaged, Jenna Bush is engaged to ‘a nice young man’ called Henry Hager. He was an aide of Carl Rove’s. A) Henry is not a name that many people in his generation have. Good times, we’re going to call him Hank. B) Jenna was always the ‘fun’ one. We’re surprised that she’s getting hitched first. Might there be a baby involved? C) Carl Rove just announced that he’s leaving the administration. Can the timing mean anything? Is he the father of Jenna’s baby? Is Hank Hager doing him a solid? Too many questions.

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