The Sweet Science Just Got Sweeter: Couples Boxing

The Sweet Science Just Got Sweeter: Couples Boxing

From The New York Times By Marcelle S. Fischler

ADAM FORD, mild-mannered and trim at 170 pounds, doesn’t feel odd hitting his petite wife. How else will she learn to instinctively duck or perfect her combinations?

Steve Schwartz and his wife, Jackie, on the heavy bags.

Still, three years ago, when the couple started sparring together under a trainer’s supervision, throwing any punches at each other didn’t come easy. He’s still extra cautious. He sends pillow-fight-strength shots to her shoulders rather than use his full force during their weekly matchups at the Printing House Fitness and Squash Club in Greenwich Village.

“Although I kind of paw at her and hit her to keep her honest, it is obviously pretty light,” said Mr. Ford, 31, a criminal defense lawyer. “She, however, is really able to unload on me.”
Tango’s Take ‘Hey, that’s no way to treat a lady! You gotta jab more. Ha-ha.’ We’re good with this trend. It involves exercise, togetherness, violence. What’s not to like? Sure, at some point someone is going to get waaay too serious about it and severely injure his wife, but 'whaterr', she has gloves and headgear. We just hope that people can refrain from saying things like ‘hey, I’m working the heavy bag. Oooooo!’ while sparring with their ladies. We wonder if the fight scene between Brad and Angelina in Mr. And Mrs. Smith was at all instrumental in this trend? You know what they say, the couple that punches together, lunches together. Think about it.
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