Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Boys: Sexuality Labels Are Losing Their Relevance

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Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Boys: Sexuality Labels Are Losing Their Relevance

From ABC News By Susan Donaldson James

Pop culture loves the recreational lesbian -- the woman who dabbles but doesn't stay the course.

Lesbian turncoat Anne Heche left comedian Ellen DeGeneres for a man. Lush-lipped Angelina Jolie last week swore off former S&M mates and girlfriends in deference to her relationship with the uber-masculine Brad Pitt.

And Britney Spears, of the televised Madonna kiss, is now the subject of tabloid rumors for reputed dalliances with female porn stars and loyal personal assistant Shannon Funk.

The stars who flaunt their so-called lesbian status then change their minds may make it difficult for a new generation of young women who reject the dogmatic definitions of sexuality.
Tango’s Take Great, pile on poor Britney. As if she didn’t have enough emotional, marital and career problems. Fine, she enjoys a little female companionship, who doesn’t? Women have three things going that most men don’t 1) they smell nice. 2) They’re soft. And 3) They’re purty. Leave Britney alone. Unless you can prove that she has put her children in danger, acted irresponsibly or done drugs then don’t judge her. Our theory is that many stars act all crazy because they didn't have college to get it out of their system. Ah college, consequence-free hook-ups, kegs, 'experimentation' and lenient authorities who know which side the bread is buttered on.

Anyone familiar with all-girls colleges is familiar with the concepts of BUGs and LUGs (Bisexual Until Graduation and Lesbian Until Graduation, respectively). This article does a good job of skirting the issue of guy on guy experimenting. This is likely because girl-on-girl action sells late night video tapes and all of the guys interviewed probably said, ‘we’d never done anything like that before. We were sooo wasted. Don’t tell our frat brothers.’ We suppose parents should be happy about this. Girls don’t accidentally get each other pregnant.

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