Is Britney Out Of Her Freaking Mind? Or Just Dating Criss Angel?

Is Britney Out Of Her Freaking Mind? Or Just Dating Criss Angel?

From People By Mike Fleeman

And now, for his next magic trick – Criss Angel makes Britney Spears appear by his side.

The Mindfreak star hit the town late Wednesday night with the pop star in Los Angeles, with Angel hooking up with Spears and her friends at Cravings Restaurant in West Hollywood. The two were spotted driving around together in his Rolls-Royce, then later photographed entering The Tower-Beverly Hills hotel.

Spears, 25, became the latest celebrity seen with the Las Vegas illusionist, 39, who previously has been linked to Minnie Driver, Paris Hilton and, most recently, Cameron Diaz.

Spears and Angel have something in common: messy divorces.
Tango’s Take We heard this one in a number of places, so we figured that it was within the realm of possible. In all honesty, anything involving Britney is now possible. And you throw in The Mindfreak’s magic and all bets are off. The do-rag plus crooked baseball cap is a good look for Criss Angel. That’s probably what attracted Brit in the first place, his ghetto fabulocity. There’s nothing else to say about this except that as far as we’re concerned, illusion is the ultimate weapon (and aphrodisiac, evidently) and when are Angel and David Blaine going to have a winner-takes-all battle royale? It’s not safe having that much magic (and un-bridled macho) walking around.

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