Study: Abortion Pill Poses No Risk for Later Pregnancy

Study: Abortion Pill Poses No Risk for Later Pregnancy

From Reuters By Gene Emery
BOSTON (Reuters) - Abortion pills pose no apparent risk to a woman who later decides to have a child, according to a study of nearly 12,000 women in Denmark who had a chemical or surgical abortion.

The study in the New England Journal of Medicine found no difference in the rates of subsequent tubal pregnancies, miscarriages, premature births or low birthweight births for women who had previously had surgical abortion, usually through vacuum aspiration, or those taking any of the three drug regimens that eliminate a fetus.

About 2.4 percent of later conceptions led to tubal pregnancy and just over 12 percent miscarried, regardless of the type of earlier abortion, the researchers found.

Tango’s Take This is worth knowing. There’s a certain crowd whose group name rhymes with ‘shmo rife’ that will not be happy that this is out. We wonder how much this is going to be circulated. And who knew that there even were abortion pills? We wonder if Plan B is lumped in that category. We bet there are a handful of people who wish they had this info way back when. You know the girl in college that didn’t take the pill (cuz it made her feel icky) and didn’t like condoms because ‘it kills the mood’ and ended up having a couple of abortions but didn’t have a third one because she heard that it makes later pregnancies difficult? Yeah, well she’s punching her roommate in the face right now. Stay tuned for someone or another to denounce this research.

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