Women Who Want Children Should Have them in their 20s, Institute Maintains

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The Luce Policy Institute said in a statement on Monday that, while 75% of college freshmen say that their most important objective is to have a family, women who become educated, enter into a high-powered career and think they can always get pregnant later on in their 40s once they are financially successful, have been misled by politics.

The Institute, which promotes the success of conservative women, insists that a woman's most fertile time is in her 20s, and women who want to have families should attempt to get pregnant in their 20s; the politically incorrect truth, says the institute, is that the main cause of infertility in women is simply advancing age.

"As more women put off childbearing to jumpstart a career, the medical community neglects to remind them that the easiest and safest years to successfully conceive and give birth are in their twenties," says Luce Policy Institute Senior Fellow Miriam Grossman, M.D.

Grossman archly asks the question, why are girls and young women constantly bombarded with methods for preventing pregnancy, but hardly ever hear about the knowledge they need to keep their options open?

Tango’s Take

This is not going to go over well. It’s pretty much one of those things that no one is supposed to talk about. Sure, it’s ‘true’ that women (and men) are more fecund in their 20s than later. And that the old biological clock waits for no one. But we’re idea people, man, we thrive on optimism. You can have the job and the kids and the picket fence and the garden gnomes and the attractive pool boy. It’s just a matter of priorities. If you want it all you just need to make sacrifices. Some people sacrifice their sleep, others sacrifice their pride, and others sacrifice money. Furthermore, we predict that domestic ‘help’ will become more readily available to many families. We’ll just have to outsource some part of homemaking. This is all well and good, but statistics show that working mothers do suffer major lags in status and salary compared to their childless and male contemporaries. This may be one of those problems without a real and fair solution. The one good thing having kids young, is that you get to be the young, hot mom and wear silly shirts like ‘Got MILF’. Check out our  on the need for working women to have wives.

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