Sienna Miller On The Prowl

Sienna Miller On The Prowl

Sienna Miller must be on the rebound from dating (or not dating) Sean Combs. Or not. Who knows with her? Anyway, Cosmopolitan is reporting that she’s dating Matthew Rhys from the TV show Brothers and Sisters. Excellent.

And is reporting that she’s dating actor Sean Bean. You may know Bean as the guy that plays vaguely menacing UK (British or Northern* Irish) characters. He tried to take the ring from Frodo in the first Lord of the Rings movie.

We have no idea what to believe with Sienna Miller any more. We do know that we’ve loved her since she co-starred in the brilliant (but canceled) Fox show Keen Eddie. We hope she finds love, but we’ve about had it with the S Miller rumor mill.

Speaking of rumormongering, all sorts of outlets are reporting that Chris Robinson (front man of the Black Crows) is THRILLED that his ex (and mother of his child) Kate Hudson is having a good ol’ romantic time. Sure. That makes sense: Seeing your smoking hot ex (and mother of your child) pal around with funny men Owen Wilson and then Dax Sheppard must be great. Thrilling, even. This could fuel a comeback for the Crows. A teary, rage-filled, violent comeback with hits like ‘The Least Attractive Wilson Brother Stole My Girl, At Least He’s Funny’ and ‘Maybe I Got Punk’d.
*See reader's comment. Oops.