Report: Testosterone Patch Improves Sexual Desire In Women

Report: Testosterone Patch Improves Sexual Desire in Women

From Fox News

Women with low libidos appear to get a boost in sexual desire through the use of testosterone patch treatment, according to new research.

Two randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trials found that post-menopausal women suffering from a lack of sexual desire experienced “significant” improvements in the frequency of “satisfying” sexual activity and desire, as well as a decrease in sexual distress through the use of low-dose, transdermal testosterone patches.

A total of 132 participants from two trials were interviewed after a six-month treatment, according to the research, which is published in the current issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Tango’s Take First of all, “The Journal Of Sexual Medicine” is not to be taken lightly. Sure, they’re mostly a place for respected researchers to publish their research. But we like to think of it as a place run by editors of Cosmo or Maxim. We always expect great headlines like, ‘Is Bigger Better?: What’s The Ideal Ratio?’, ’69 Ways: Which Positions Produce The Best Orgasm, Scientifically Speaking’, and ‘Pre-Ejaculate: Facts And Myth.’ Anyway, we’ve heard a little about these testosterone patches. They do some good. There is just so much information and research going on right now about the risks and benefits of hormone therapy, particularly in post-menopausal women, that we don’t know what to think any more. Weird that Fox, known for its prudish mores yet salacious content, had this story.

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