Study: Baby Bonds Affect Adult Relationships

Take no prisoners, my special little guy. Seduce and destroy.

From Cox News Service

Baby bonds set stage for adult relationships Do you struggle with insecurity or anger? A new study suggests the problems could have started when you were in diapers.

A parent's relationship with an infant can echo into adulthood, influencing levels of insecurity, anger and trust decades later, according to a study at the University of Minnesota that spanned more than 25 years. Researchers found a strong connection between how safe and secure young adults felt in romantic relationships and the level of attachment to their caregivers as babies. The study involved 78 men and women (now in their 20s), and the connection was found in about 85 percent of cases.

Tango’s Take We wonder if one of the researchers read about John Watson and his theory of behaviorism and thought, “I’ll be damned. Guys, let’s look into this ‘tabula rasa’ business.” We really didn’t have time to read the research, but it seems to make sense. We would have liked to see more test subjects, but whatever. The thing we don’t like about this kind of talk is that it really feels like it takes free will and thus personal responsibility out of the equation. We can just imagine some family on the news after their son went on a killing spree; “Well, we gave Junior all the love and support he needed. That other 15% must have caused him throw all those poor people in a wood chipper.”

We’re probably not going to have a formula for categorizing behavior as nurture or nature any time soon, so we should probably err on the side of being really nice to babies and children just in case.

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