Men’s Mag Faces Probe Over Booby Prize

Men’s Mag Faces Probe Over Booby Prize

From The Herald Sun By Tamara McLean and Nick Ralston

A MEN'S magazine is being investigated by government authorities for offering a $10,000 boob job as a competition prize in breach of gaming rules.

But Zoo Weekly says the investigation is "ludicrous" and claims that New South Wales Gaming Minister Graham West "has got his knickers in a twist about nothing".

The soft porn lads' magazine has launched a competition urging men to "win" their girlfriend a boob job by sending in shots of her cleavage.

The prize goes to the woman whom readers believe most "deserves" an enlargement, with the website stating: "We can help turn your lady's itty bitty titties into massive mounds of magnificence".

A spokesman for the gaming minister today confirmed an investigation was underway into the legality of the magazine offering cosmetic surgery as a prize.

Tango’s Take We’re willing to bet that the US has pretty strict rules about this stuff too. The first annual Tango Daily Dish On Love Liver Raffle is canceled. This is ridiculous. If someone really wants a breast enhancement and someone else happens to want to give it to them for free, it should be allowed. What should not be allowed is forced breast augmentation or breast augmentation on children or animals. That’s just wrong. Australia just got passed by New Zealand for awesomest country in that part of the world. Sure women who get breast implants are five times as likely to commit suicide (See Dish From August 10th), but they should get to decide for themselves.

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