Facial Attraction: Choice Of Sexual Partner Shaped The Human Face

Facial Attraction: Choice Of Sexual Partner Shaped The Human Face

From Science Daily

Science Daily — Men with large jaws, flaring cheeks and large eyebrows are sexy, at least in the eyes of our ancestors, researchers at the Natural History Museum have discovered. Facial attractiveness played a major role in shaping human evolution, as studies on our fossil ancestors have shown our choice of sexual partner has shaped the human face.

The face holds the secret to determining the sex of our ancestors and what makes us attractive to the opposite sex for reproduction.

According to palaeontologists at the Natural History Museum, men have evolved short faces between the brow and upper lip, which exaggerates the size of their jaw, the flare of their cheeks and their eyebrows. The shorter and broader male face has also evolved alongside and the canine teeth have shrunk, so men look less threatening to competitors, yet attractive to mates.

Tango’s Take Fine. Our faces have evolved to be more attractive. But don’t you think that the ‘O’ face has more or less been constant throughout history? The ‘article’ claims that the distance between lip and brow is critical to attractiveness. It is elongated on women (typically) compared to men. In men, this truncated distance emphasizes a powerful jaw. For the record, we’ve always found lantern-jawed dudes to be a little World War II-y. We really hope that our tax dollars didn’t fund this project, unless scientists can find the exact ratio required to make the opposite sex drop their pants. That would be worthwhile. We're sure that those hilarious car insurance cavemen would have something witty or sardonic to say about this; 'hey lady, just because I have an elongated face, you don't have the right to cut my feelings short. I'm out, who wants a shot?'
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