Christina Applegate’s Divorce Finalized

Christina Applegate’s Divorce Finalized

From Fox News LOS ANGELES — Christina Applegate is now unmarried ... with no children. The actress and her actor husband, Johnathon Schaech, have officially parted ways a year and a half after he filed for divorce.

The pair's split was finalized in Superior Court on Friday, according to court documents obtained by

Applegate, known for her role as ditzy daughter Kelly Bundy on TV's "Married ... With Children," and actor Schaech married in October 2001.

They separated in November 2005, citing irreconcilable differences, according to court papers. Schaech filed for divorce Dec. 5, 2006.

Applegate's publicist, Ame Van Iden, and Schaech's publicist, Cindy Guagenti, both declined to comment Friday.

Tango’s Take Great Odin’s raven, there is a lot of detail in this report. We typically don’t hear all the settlement details. It’s possible that we just stop reading after we hear about the ‘why.’ We hope that fisticuffs were never involved. The way that Applegate kicked Ron Burgundy’s ass, we’re pretty sure that a pretty boy like Schaech wouldn’t stand a chance. We don’t know much about Schaech except what his IMDB pages says. He was in That Thing You Do and his last name rhymes with ‘deck.’ That’s fun. Tango had an interview with American tennis star James Blake in which he admitted a crush on Kelly Bundy. Now’s your chance, Blake this could be a real winner for you. Click Here.

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