Taunts Have ‘Gingers’ Seeing Red in Britain

Taunts Have ‘Gingers’ Seeing Red in Britain

From AJC.com By Shelley Emling

London — Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Marcia Cross. Who wouldn't want to look like any one of these three gorgeous redheads? Perhaps someone living in Britain, where being a redhead often means a lifetime of discrimination.

Classic British playground taunts such as "tut-tut ginger nut, where d'ya get your hair cut?" have evolved in recent years into more nasty matters.

Britain's Prince Harry (left), suggested recently that he had been bullied because of his red hair. He is shown here with Zara Philips and Prince William following the civil wedding of Britain's Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles on April 9. Zara Philips is the daughter of Britain's Princess Anne.

"Discrimination against redheads seems to be getting worse and worse," said Simon Cheetham, founder of www.redandproud.com, a Web site that seeks to counter discrimination against redheads — called "gingers" here — by honoring those with flaming tresses.

"In this politically correct world you can't say anything about people's religion or sexuality but it's still OK here in Britain to portray redheads in a negative manner," he said.

Earlier this year the Chapmans, a family that included six redheads living in Newcastle, England, told the British media they were forced from two homes by relentless attacks that included anti-redhead graffiti, vandalism and physical assaults.

Tango’s Take When will it stop? This is an issue near and dear to our heart. Check out the Dish from August 6th about pelirojos (Spanish for redheads) being demons in the sack. If the man who is third in line for the throne of the United Kingdom can be harassed for his hair color then is anyone safe? Sure only a small percentage of people have red hair (roughly 1% worldwide). But after THEY have been harassed into oblivion, who’s next? People with dimples? Should the cleft chin crowd be afraid? How about people with detached earlobes? Are they in line for the inquisition? We’re not sure what the rest of you think but we think that the Kingdom is only ‘united’ in their animosity towards ‘gingers.’ Two last things: 1) they (the English) use the term 'ginge' but it is pronounced johnge like the French name Jean and sponge were slammed together by a mean-spirited hand. 2) When you ask, ‘does the carpet match the curtains,’ you remember that there is a real person in there. With feelings and hopes and ambitions and parents and, yes, flamboyant pubes.

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