Divorce Lawyers Using Fast Lane To Track Cheaters

Divorce Lawyers Using Fast Lane To Track Cheaters


From WBZTV.com By Christina Hager

(WBZ) BOSTON E-ZPass and Fast Lane transponders can provide a world of information for any lawyer or investigator.

The device sends a signal to an antenna, recording the location and time.

And Boston divorce attorney Gerald Nissenbaum says the Mass Turnpike Authority has never refused to hand over people's personal toll records.

He's used statements to catch spouses in lies.

"He lived out past Framingham, so why would he be getting off on 128 and what was his delays on all these days," said Nissenbaum.

Some motorists liken the toll records to personal information such as credit card statements.

Tango’s Take We’re going to preface our take here with a caveat: we are not in favor of cheating. Sure there are probably cases that it’s acceptable (revenge, lust, dares, baby-making), but honesty is really the best policy. But we think it’s pretty shady that the E-ZPass and other easy pass organizations will give away private data. Granted that they are ‘toll roads’ and not ‘freeways’ it still seems un-American to have your comings and goings monitored. We’ve always felt a little uneasy about the position of private investigator. It’s a little weird that someone can take a course and then have license to follow and photograph people without their knowledge. A little weird. But being able to ask for and receive someone’s travel data is not good. Not good at all. We wonder if the convenience of E-ZPass is worth the paper trail? We bet they are one lawsuit or class action suit away from discontinuing this practice. PS: Don’t cheat! Cheaters never win!

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