MTV Combats ‘Sucky’ Relationships

MTV Combats ‘Sucky’ Relationships

From Adweek By Kamau High

NEW YORK What's the best way to tell someone that they're dating a "sucky" person?

If things go independent Bradley & Montgomery's way, high-school girls will be doing it with short clips from season two of MTV's serial reality drama, The Hills. The snippets show series characters Lauren, Heidi and others saying just that sort of thing. The shorts, which promote the show's release on DVD, were uploaded to YouTube last Friday.

Tango’s Take We’re glad that MTV is helping fight relationships that have a one-way ticket to sucktown. But we’re not 100% that the ladies from The Hills are the best choice for relationship advice. It’s a little like Ben Affleck suggesting an acting coach. It lacks credibility. But, in as much as some ladies may need a little push in the right direction from their girlfriends, we suppose this could be useful. TTYL. LMAO!

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