Cosmetic Breast Surgeries Tied to Increased Suicide Risk

Cosmetic Breast Surgeries Tied to Increased Suicide Risk


THURSDAY, Aug. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Women who undergo cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries are three times as likely to commit suicide as those who don't have surgically enhanced breasts, a new study finds.

The increase in suicide risk does not emerge until about 10 years or more after women receive the implants, the research shows.

This latest study adds to a growing body of research finding that women with cosmetic breast implants are much more likely to take their own lives, said study lead investigator Loren Lipworth, a senior epidemiologist at the International Epidemiology Institute in Rockville, Md. "It's one of five studies that have consistently shown an increased risk of suicide among women with cosmetic breast implants," she noted.

There's nothing about the breast implant itself that leads to increased likelihood of suicide, added Lipworth, who is also an assistant professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. "Some women who get them are more likely to have psychiatric problems leading to suicide," she speculated.
Tango’s Take Cripes. Check out the Dish From March 22nd for the exact opposite report. The discrepancy is rationalized away pretty well. Women, evidently, have a huge self-esteem boost after the breast augmentation. And then years later they’re right back to where they were before but with bigger boobs (and possible back pain). So the timeline is: 1) self-conscious woman feels that leaving the ‘itty bitty titty’ party will make her happy; 2) she gets new breasts; 3) joyousness ensues; 4) happy years pass; 5) she’s unhappy again, and $4,000 poorer; 6) doctor advises against going bigger ‘for safety’s sake’; 7) woman hates herself and her stupid, perfect, fake breasts; 8) woman chases a bottle of Aspirin with a bottle of vodka; 9) fin. Looking good does help with feeling good. But it can’t be the only thing. People probably need help if some kind of a new rack is the only keeping them from walking out in traffic. We’re not saying that we object to voluntary cosmetic surgery, far from it, we just think that people need to do it for the right reasons and this is one case that revenge or spite or one upsmanship are not the right reasons. It could just be that saline makes us mental.

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