Woman Recovers Missing Ashes of Her Husband’s Previous Wife

Woman Recovers Missing Ashes of Her Husband’s Previous Wife

From The Associated Press

ELMIRA, New York: A woman who accidentally sold the ashes of her husband's previous wife has recovered them after a frantic search.

When Anita Lewis sold a ceramic turtle Saturday for 50 cents to a woman who planned to use it as a cookie jar, she did not know the ashes were inside.
Tango’s Take She ‘accidentally’ sold her husband’s ex-wife’s ashes. For 50 cents, no less. We can picture the husband telling her ‘It’s OK. She’s dead, baby. I’m not going to cheat on you.’ But in all fairness, it is a little intimidating having the ex’s ashes around. Most women feel uncomfortable with photos of exes. Physical remains (ish) are a whole new kettle of fish. And the comparisons, forget it. Every time that you won’t watch The Last Starfighter on TBS, he’s going to roll his eyes and look at the urn with his shoulders hunched up ‘you see what I’m dealing with?’ Oh God, that doesn’t even bring into question the haunting. If she died with stuff left to do, she’s going to be circling that urn like mad. Stinking up the psychic jibes left, right and center.

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