Anne Heche And Husband Submit to Psychotherapy in Divorce Trial

Anne Heche And Husband Submit to Psychotherapy in Divorce Trial


A scene from with Psycho. From by Molly Celaschi

Remember Anne Heche? The cute blonde that was living with Ellen DeGeneres in a committed lesbian relationship, saw aliens and went cuckoo, then married a man and had a baby? Well, if you thought that hot mess was over, you were wrong.

Anne Heche and husband Coley Laffoon have been in a bitter divorce battle arguing over such important issues such as “Who gets custody of the cat?” and “You stole my rug!” But things just got spicier indeed. reports that both of the unstable parents have signed papers submitting to psychotherapy evaluations. The evaluation will consist of a number of tests and help decide who is more suitable, if at all, to care for their son. The results are to remain between the psychotherapist and the court.
Tango’s Take Remember when we thought Anne Heche was kooky for being a lesbian and then not being a lesbian? And then the bit with the aliens? Now she’s got a whole new ball of crazy wax. It is a bad day indeed for their son if the father has to be tested to see if he’s crazier than Anne Heche. Then again, this could be one of those deals in which they just want to ‘let her have her day in court’ or whatever. Unfortunately, this could also be like letting Arthur try to pull the sword out. ‘Ha ha ha. Let Arthur try, he’s a wimp. He’ll never get the sword. Ha ha oh?’ We’ll be surprised if she doesn’t claim to be able to smell colors.

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