Melanie Brown Has Been (Married Since June)

Melanie Brown Has Been (Married Since June)

From The Associated Press

(AP) Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who gave birth to Eddie Murphy's daughter in April, married her boyfriend, Steven Belafonte, in June, according to Clark County marriage records.

Murphy acknowledged his paternity of Brown's daughter, Angel, last week, one day after the 32-year-old singer took legal action to establish him as the parent.

Belafonte is a movie producer whose recent credits include "Sisters" and "Thank You for Smoking." Brown was known as Scary Spice when she performed with the Spice Girls, whom she'll join for the band's reunion tour in December and January.

Tango’s Take Just when you thought that there was nothing else that could go down with the Mel B. She had a new kid, a forthcoming comeback tour, her ex-boyf has recognized that the kid is his son (daughter, whatever), and now a secret wedding. Dynamite. We have a feeling that whoever is the ad-wizard behind the Spice Girls (we think Roger Moore played him in the film)  is planning a media blitz the likes of which we’ve never seen. Yeah, girl power. He set the Beckhams in motion. He made Eddie Murphy make promises that he had no intention of keeping. He made the brothers from Oasis hate each other so that they would never make it big here (we had enough brother vs. brother during the civil war). If they wind up being bigger than the Beatles and then break up, will David Beckham be the new Yoko Ono? Diabolical.

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